Monday, June 22, 2015

Tiny Glacier

These are a collection of very small works inspired by Glacier Park.  Some are plein air, while others were completed in the studio on rainy days.

Backlit Over Glacier, Oil on Canvas   4"x6" 

Lake McDonald is such a tranquil setting and this warm afternoon was no exception.

Apgar Dusk, Oil on Canvas   4"x6" 

The mountains took on wonderful purples in their shadows at sunset at Apgar.

Cascades on the Creek, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
McDonald Creek is home to many lovely and dramatic little falls.

Golden Hour at the Meadow, Oil on Canvas   4"x6" 
This little meadow picked up nice warm lighting on a warm afternoon in Glacier Park.

Golden Mount Brown, Oil on Canvas   6"x8"
The warm evening light kissed the summit of Mount Brown..

Last Light at the Trail Head, Oil on Canvas   8"x6" 
This pullout near Avalanche was a great vantage for the last light shining on the tree tops and the cliff in the distance.

McDonald Serine, Oil on Canvas   4"x6" 
The lovely pinnacles surrounding Lake Mcdonald rise precipitously.

Medicine Glint, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
Highway 49 was my perch while painting this backlit scene above Lower Two Medicine Lake

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