Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Winter Wonderland

We got a nice little bit of snow last week here in Montana.  Because of the cold temperatures, the snow that fell didn't melt and has given me time to capture it in different lighting situations.
Shining through, Oil on Canvas   16"x20"
This is my latest studio piece. It is a 16x20 of the wonderful morning light hitting the frozen creek behind the house. I will be showing this and many of my other recent works at the Holiday Art Show put on by the Artists and Craftsmen of the Flathead next weekend. 

Still Flowing, Oil on Canvas   6"x8"
SOLD The morning light hit the shores of this lovely little creek behind my home.  The fresh snow was still on the upward facing branches.  I used a limited palette of Titanium White, Ivory Black, Burnt Sienna, and Yellow Ochre.

Warm Winter Light, Oil on Canvas   6"x8"
This little rise on the property where I am living was backlit by the afternoon sun.  The grass where the sun hit was a brilliant gold.  I used a limited palette as in the painting 'Still Flowing', but added Ultramarine Blue.

Winter Sport, Oil on Canvas   6"x8"
 As the sun went down behind the distant mountains, a few brave ice skaters braved the cold weather to get one last skate in in the waning light.  I used a full range of colors on my palette for this work.

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