Friday, October 17, 2014

The Fall Show

The Aspens, Cottonwoods, and maples are at the heights of their fall colors here in Modoc.  The endless varieties of gold, orange, and reds have made painting in the area the last few weeks a joy.
Duck Island, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
 A pair of fall colored trees cast their reflections into the main pond at the Modoc Wildlife Refuge.

Pit River Color, Oil on Canvas   12"x9"
 On its way to Lake Shasta, the Pit River winds its way near the town of Burney where the fall colors were in all their glory.

All Kinds of Gold, Oil on Canvas   10"x8"
 High Grade Road connects New Pine Creek to Fort Bidwell on the East Side of the Warners in 17 miles of steep dirt road.  The single lane dirt road is steep and rutted in some spots but the scenery and solitude are worth the trip.

Containment, Oil on Canvas   10"x8"
 Lily Lake in the North Warners was at the pinnacle of its fall show.  The golden aspens created wonderful reflections in the mirror-like lake.

Creek Side Brilliance , Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
 The evening lighting at Pine Creek always sparks my imagination.  I was fortunate to capture this moment with the fall colors.

Fandango Twilight, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
 Fandango Pass in just north of Lake City in Surprise Valley.  It affords wonderful views of the valley for the adventurous soul.

Parked in the Basin, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
 Malin Oregon in just south of Klamath Falls near the California border.  On a drive from Klamath Falls to Alturas I saw this old grain mill that has a lot of character.  Its setting with the rising mountains  behind it made for a great scene.

The Reflecting Pond, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
 I made a return to the Modoc Wildlife Refuge and enjoyed seeing the effects of the changing season.  The homestead in the distance braces for an approaching shower.

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