Friday, September 19, 2014

Transition to Fall

Summer is drawing to a close in Modoc County.  The Aspen and other deciduous trees are showing hints of the magnificent fall show that will shortly come to pass.
The Crisp Fall Air, Oil on Canvas   10"x8"
 I have visited Cedar Pass many times this year and was pleasantly surprised to see the effects of the changing seasons have had as fall apprioaches.  The day was crystal clear and cast brilliant light on the yellow-green aspen.

Behind the Barn, Oil on Canvas   11"x14"
 The morning light at Cedar Pass was lovely and highlighted the top of an old travel trailer behind this charming red barn.

Ramshackle, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
 A Cluster of old storage and livestock buildings is huddled together along the Old Emmigrant Trail in Modoc County.

Road to the Springs, Oil on Canvas   6"x8"
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 This dirt road off of Highway 139 near Adin California leads to Quail Springs.  I was attracted to the small cluster of pines and the road as it diminished in the distance.

Sage Rainbow, Oil on Canvas   6"x8"
 As the day drew to a close. The normally brown sage hill took on hues of red, purple, green and yellow.

Waiting for Snow, Oil on Canvas   10"x8"
 The bare ski slopes at the Cedar Pass Ski were instead covered with golden grass and pale green sage.
Modoc Riches, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
 This large stack of hay bales shone brightly in the morning sun in Modoc County's Surprise Valley..

Power Lifter, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
 This blue tractor with a lifting attachment get a rest as the day came to a close.  The sky took on a salmon hue and cast a nice warm light on the tractor and hay stacks alike.

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