Friday, February 2, 2018

Apgar Winter Panorama progression

On a 10 degree December day in Glacier National Park, The last bit of daylight caused the peaks surrounding Lake McDonald glow.

This is a rare sight in winter at Glacier National Park where cloud cover is the norm so my wife and I were thrilled to see this vista on Christmas Day 2017. The bands of light peeking through the clouds created a stunning effect that was truly inspirational. It was too cold to paint on location, but I got a lot of good photo reference so I could create a painting back in the studio.

I have had this 3:1 ratio canvas hanging around the studio for more than a year just waiting for the right subject matter. This was it! Lake McDonald lends itself perfectly to panoramic compositions with its looming pinnacles extending to the periphery of one's view.

I have prints of this painting available at Fine Art America:

The original is available on my website:

Apgar Winter Panorama, oil on canvas, 11"x33"
Apgar Winter Panorama - Progress 1
Apgar Winter Panorama - Progress 2
Apgar Winter Panorama - Progress 1

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