Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fall's Glory Days

Fall is my favorite season here in the Flathead Valley and in Glacier National Park. The summer heat has subsided and there is a little crispness to the air. I also love the vibrant yellow and gold of the aspens that peak first, and the rustier gold of the tamaracks (which have needles like a pine tree) which peak in late fall. You really have to take advantage of this time as fall is very short and winter sets in quickly.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to do several plein air paintings at the Diamond B Weddings and Events ranch in lower valley just south of Kalispell. It has sweeping views of the Swan mountains, is situated right on the Flathead River, and has barns and old trucks to paint as well. It is a plein air painters paradise. I am going to display around 10 of these paintings at the Diamond B next year so people having weddings there will have an opportunity to purchase them.

Now that winter is here, I still plan to get out there and do some on location painting, but it is a really good time to focus on commission pieces and larger studio works like the piece 'Rocky Shoreline' which is a commission piece of beautiful McDonald Creek in Glacier National Park. a Montana artist has to roll with the punches that the season dish out.

Rocky Shoreline: 20"x12 Glacier National Park Painting

Blue and Gold River: 4"x6 Painted at the Diamond B in Kalispell

Diamond B Fall: 8"x10 Painted at the Diamond B in Kalispell

Diamond B Silo: 8"x8 Painted at the Diamond B in Kalispell

Kila Sky: 5"x7 Painted at Smith Lake in Kila

Old Copper: 9"x12 Painted at the Diamond B in Kalispell

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