Saturday, November 19, 2016

to California

We took a little trip down to California this month to visit family and friends.  We spent three days (far too short) in Alturas California, where Patti and I lived for almost a year in 2014, before heading down to the Bay Area..  It was really great to visit and see all the places we frequented in Alturas.  It is truly a hidden gem in California and an inspirational place to paint.

'Eagle Peak Reflections'  oil on canvas 8"x10"  The highest peak in the Warner range provided a great backdrop to the wetlands in the Modoc wildlife Refuge.

'Super Moon'  oil on canvas 5"x7" The moon was at its closest distance to the earth and lit up the sky in a beautiful magenta tone and lighting up the distant oaks.

'Surprise Valley Grazers'  oil on canvas 5"x7"  Surprise Valley in Modic county is the gateway to the Great Basin Desert but still has some farm and ranch land as many cows dot the countryside.

'Tehama sunset'  oil on canvas 5"x7"  Red Bluff California is home to some wonderful sunsets and its knarled oaks that occupy the surrounding ranch land make this place unique..

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