Friday, September 23, 2016

Umpqua Plein Air 2016

Here are all of the paintings I completed while in Roseburg during the Umpqua Plein Air 2016 event.  I stayed at the Valleys end guesthouse in Umpqua, just 10 miles north of Roseburg.  My host Kevin made me feel very welcome.  The guesthouse sits on 30 acres in the midst of rolling hills and is situated right next to the umpqua River.

I  was in Roseburg 5 days and completed 12 paintings.  The paint out was two days  (sep 15-16) with the quick draw and dinner on the 14th.  The opening reception was saturday the 17th.

I was able to submit 2 works into the main competition one of which got the people's choice and theother got third overall.  Submitted paintings had to be completed on official paint out days.

The result are as follows:
A big congratulations to our 2016 Umpqua Plein Air award winners!!!
1st Place is "North Umpqua Morning Glimmer" by Anna Lancaster
2nd Place is "View from the Boat Ramp" by Jan Barba Horn
3rd Place is "The Early Birds" by Jeff Troupe
4th Place is "Doc Bailey's Farm" by Yong Hong Zhong
5th Place is "Bailey Farm" by Paul Zegers - Artist
People's Choice is "Sundown at the Mill" by Jeff Troupe
Quick Draw Artists' Choice is "Evening Rose" by Paul Zegers

 It was quite an honor to win awards.  It meant a lot to me and I hope to be back next year.

Morning Reclaimed, Oil on Canvas   11"x14" 
This old barn is located in umpqua at the valley's end guesthouse. Such a beautiful place to stay and great hospitality.  This was painted during the first day of the paint out.

Farmhouse Glow, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
I painted this with another artist in the event Yong Hong Zhong of Portland after we were treated to a great dinner by our hosts.
Above the Umpqua, Oil on Canvas   4"x6" 
The path to the swimming beach was shaded by this wonderful mossy tree with leaves beginning to turn.
Antiques on Main, Oil on Canvas   14"x11" 
the antique shop in oakland, oregon's historic downtown has its prime parking spot graced by an electric blue hotrod. This was painted during the first official day of painting at umpqua plein air 2016.

Reclaimed, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
This little barn is such a joy to paint I had to paint it twice.

Sundown at the Mill, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
one of the few working sawmills left was lit up nicely during a perfect Roseburg sunset.  This was the last painting of the day during the first day of the paint out.

Sunrise Behind the Oaks, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
I painted this one as the first morning light shone through the oaks in Umpqua Oregon.

The Early Birds, Oil on Canvas   12"x24" 
The shadows were long this morning in downtown oakland as a few shoppers peeked in the store windows. The oakland trader with its rust patina siding drew in a shopper walking her dog.  This was the final painting I painted during the official paint out.

Crossing the Rochester, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
oregon is known for its covered bridges. The Rochester bridge outside Sutherland is a charming example

T-Mart, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
This was my entry into the quick draw event. The work was completed in 1 hour. I got some nice afternoon light and activity for this little painting.

Umpqua Sundown, Oil on Canvas   5.5"x11" 
The golden hour in the land of umpqua is special. The lighting on this evening was perfect and the bench chairs and hammock were perfect spots to watch the sun set.

Valley's end Sundown, Oil on Canvas   5"x7" 
The sky took on a great salmon color as the day drew to a close in Umpqua Oregon.
The T-Mart which sits across the street from the Umpqua Valley Art Center in Rosebug.

This sawmill is located on the north end of Roseburg Oregon.

morning shadows in downtown oakland

My painting, 'Sundown at the Mill' was chosen for the People's Choice Award at the Umpqua Plein air 2016 event. Thank you to all my fellow painters and the Umpqua Valley Art Association..

My other painting entered into the event 'The Early Birds', was Third Place Overall at the Umpqua Plein Air 2016 event. Thank you to jurror Scott Gellatly of Porland Oregon.

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