Sunday, June 26, 2016

Glacier Paint Out 2016

What perfect weather we had in Glacier Park during the four days that I painted.  I stayed till the light dipped behind the horizon on two of the days and wound up creating 12 works, 3 of which sold the night of the reception.  I stuck mainly to the Sun Road this year and focused my efforts on painting rather than driving. I felt I was more consistent this year and am pleased with the works created.  Lake McDonald has been one of my favorite places to paint in the park and the way that the cloud cover created interesting light effect on the mountains made for some fun painting.  I also discovered Avalanche Gorge a few weeks back and returned to capture its beauty on a couple of my canvases.  If was really exited to see the work created by the 29 other participating artists and as good as the show was last year, I felt the overall quality of the show was even higher this year.  The unsold works are available for sale on my site:  http://www.jefftroupefineart.com/originaloils.html   Enjoy!

A Rush to the Bridge:Avalanche Gorge, Oil on Canvas   24"x12" 
The pine trees cling to the cliffs of Avalanche Gorge as filtered afternoon light funnels down through the tree tops.

Bird Woman Aglow, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
The Bird Woman Falls has an initial drop of 561 feet and is lit up nicely surrounded by the long shadows of a perfect evening.

Day's Last Cruise:St. Mary's, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
Pastel clouds floated gently over St' Mary's lake as the last boat cruise for the day left the docks.

Garden Wall Glow, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
As the clouds began to gather above Lake McDonald, all but the Garden Wall fell into shadow.

Getting their feet wet:McDonald Creek, Oil on Canvas   12"x24" 
The vivid teal colors of McDonald Creek are a joy to paint.  The water rushes powerfully toward its destination as some hikers put their feet in the water on the far side of the shore.

Last Light on Mount Oberlin, Oil on Canvas   4"x6" 
The summit of Mount Oberlin sits just above the famed Bird Woman Falls and took on a ref-orange hue in the day's waning moments. 

Lighting up the Gorge, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
Avalanche Gorge, now one of my favorite places to paint, is a stunning display of powerful water and lush green rainforest-like ground cover.

McDonald Cloud Cover, Oil on Canvas   4"x6" 
The clouds shifted later in the day creating a more moody scene as the mountain peaks fell into shadow.

St. Mary's Serine, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
This is one of the 12 pieces I created over the last few days for the Plein Air Glacier 2016 event. It is the first time I've painted the iconic St. Mary's lake en plein air but I was rewarded with stunning end of day light.

Out on the Shore:Lake McDonald, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
On a stunning day in Glacier Park,  there was just enough cloud cover to cast wonderful shadows on the peaks surrounding the iconic Lake McDonald.

Red Rock Moss, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
The green waters churned at Glacier Park's red rocks which nicely complimented the green moss clinging to the rocks.

Green Apple Creek, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
This beautiful little corner of of McDonald Creek was a great sptt to capture all of the subtle colors of the rocks and moss.
Painting 'A Rush to the Bridge:Avalanche Gorge'

Painting 'Lighting up the  Gorge'

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