Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Long Days

The summer days is Montana are quite long which offer ample opportunities for plein air painting.  Late spring weather is also unpredictable which makes for a nice variety of lighting situations.

The Foreman
oil on canvas 8"x10"
This construction site came to life in wonderful light and shadow as the arm of the excavator emerged from the shadow framing the foreman.

Oliver, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 

This old Oliver tractor stood amidst the canola fields in the Kalispell's West Valley.

Behind the Lot, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 

The oil drums, orange cones, and multi colored streamers served as wonderful color pops to this urban landscape.

Day Off, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 

Construction is under way in Kalispell's west side as the city plans to relocate the train tracks to open up traffic flow in the downtown area.  This excavator sat idle over the long Fourth of July weekend.

Canola Road, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 

On a picture perfect day in the Flathead, the canola fields caught my eye while searching for something to paint.  The bright yellow flowers looked even brighter against the deep blue mountains.

Down to Cutbank, Oil on Canvas   7"x14" 

I painted this work in the studio recently from reference I got last fall on a picture perfect fall day on Glacier's East Side.

A Green Sunrise, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 

Tractors are so much fun to paint.  This one was situated perfectly next to some silos and a canola field.

Stephens House, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 

A Co-worker of my wife commissioned this piece of his house.  The warm morning light illuminated the scene nicely as his kids played in front yard.

A Green Sunrise, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 

The Smith Valley in Northwest Montana is home to lovely ranch homes and still a bit of farmland which was lit dramatically on this morning.

Courthouse Mood, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 

The Flathead County Courthouse it the most striking structure in Kalispell. The shape of the spire was set off nicely by the bright overcast sky.

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