Friday, September 4, 2015

Downtown Perspective

This is my latest project in which I will be painting all the local businesses on Main Street in downtown Kalispell.  The idea is to have around 50 paintings ready to show at Wild Eye Artistry Gallery at 328 Main Street in Kalispell.  47 have been completed thus far.  Rick Green, owner of Wild Eye Artistry,  and I will have a reception for the business owners October 8th from 5pm-9pm.  For everyone else, you can stop by anytime to see all the works that have been completed in person and the show will remain up until October 23th.

Dusk on Main, Oil on Canvas   15"x30" 
This studio piece is a more fully realized version of the small study. 

Dusk on Main Study, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
The moment before sundown the last bit of light kissed the top of the brick work of Kalispell's Main Street businesses. 

Hop's, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
Hops's Downtown Grill a Main street staple is boldly adorned with a pearl white cow skull which protrudes from its facade. 

J Thomas Salon, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
J. Thomas Salon on main is located in a lovely two tone brick facade with a neat black awning.  The morning light cast nice shadows on the entry way.

Moose's Saloon, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
Moose's is a Kalispell icon with its old west saloon exterior which was nicely lit on this beautiful fall evening. 

NailToepia, Oil on Canvas   12"x9" 
The rich blue fall sky nicely complimented the orange facade of Nail Toepia's building.

Paul, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
Paul who works for the downtown improvement district, gave me a lot of information and history of the buildings.  He was fun to talk to as we both went about our work.

State Farm, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
This building used to be an old hotel on the corner of 5th and Main.  The second story was added more recently as home to many vibrant businesses. 

Glacier Bank, Oil on Canvas   11"x14" 
Glacier Bank is situated on Kalispell's 'busy' corner of 2nd and Main.  The sky bridge that connects the two buildings is a unique aspect to the modern structure.

Downtown Floral, Oil on Canvas   8"x6" 
The hanging flower baskets were in their full glory in downtown Kalispell's main street.  I painted this little painting during the Arts in the Park festival.
County Lights, Oil on Canvas   8"x6" 
The lights came on in the lobby of the Flathead County Courthouse as the last light of the day hit the top of the structure.
Colter Colors, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
The multi colored chairs outside Colter Coffee in dowtown Kalispell shone in the morning sun.  The classic powder blue bike added a nice secondary point of interest.
Hotel Kalispell, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
 I enjoyed painting this little street scene in downtown Kalispell of the historic hotel. Main Street was bustling with activity and all the flowering pots were in full bloom.

222 Main, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
222 Main was the former home of the Re-Finery and is a wonderfully detailed structure with two sea horses near the top of the facade.

Alliance Title, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
Alliance Title is one of the newer structures on Main but still has classic detailing.

Builder Creek, Oil on Canvas   8"x6" 
Builder Creek Realty is situated in this charming western style building with wood planking, timber beams and rive rock adorning the exterior.

Waiting to Cross, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
Chuck Olson Realty is located in the Masonic Building.  The signage perpendicular to the building was striking and the view down the sidewalk dramatic.

CoRental and Joe's, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
This building on Main has been completely re-hauled and boasts unique rust colored corrugated steel awnings.

Fawn, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
The evening light cast nice warm light into the entrance of Fawn, and lit up their clothing displays.

Flowers by Hansen, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
The scalloped awning of Flowers by Hansen compliments the robust floral displays on both the interior and exterior.

Salon Jazlin, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
The neon green lettering on the black awnings are a striking feature of Salon Jazlin.

Sassafras, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
Sassafras has the most detailed paint job on Main and the details were a joy and challenge to paint.

Shorty's, Oil on Canvas   8"x6" 
The teal facade of Shorty's barbershop is quite eycatching and the unique cutout shape of their signage is a nice touch.

The Bookshelf, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
Kalispell's Main Street bookstore has a nice corner location and is a great place to get lost in while searching for something to read.  The cut out sailboats on the window added nice touches of color.

An Evening Out, Oil on Canvas   8"x6" 
Vicki's CPA office was lit nicely on this nice fall evening on the corner of 2nd and Main..

Wheeler Jewelry, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
The split awning that distinguishes Wheeler Jewelry is unique to Main Street.  The nautical style doors also add a touch of class.

The Western Store, Oil on Canvas   12"x16" 
The horse and carriage sits atop the Western Store, a favorite for visitors and locals.  The building also housed the old opera house.

Imagination Station, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
The primary colors of the Imagination Station, Kalispell's premiere toy store, draws in the passerby.

Big Sky Martial Arts, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
Big Sky Martial Arts is located in a lovely old brick building.  The building was in shadow during the morning hours and the sun shone on the mural across the street.
Climbing Noice Gallery, Oil on Canvas   8"x6" 
Marshall Noice Galery is located in this charming silver building, complete with a cowboy scaling the building front. 
Coins and Carats, Oil on Canvas   8"x6" 
Situated in the handsome K and T building, Coins and Carats stands out with its crisp blue awning.

Montana Wheat, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
Montana Wheat wows with its industrial modern exterior and grain silo entrance.

Sweet Peaks, Oil on Canvas   8"x6"  
Sweet Peaks is a must visit for anyone passing through Kalispell. The second story patio is a great place to enjoy a cone with friends and family. 

Beckman's Furniture, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
The mustard yellow exterior of Beckman's Furniture stands out nicely on Main Street.
Caymas Creek, Oil on Canvas   12"x9" 
Caymas Creek Knit Shop is situated in one of the most ornate and unique buildings on Main.
Insty Prints, Oil on Canvas   12"x9" 
Insty Prints is a bustling little print shop identified by its crisp red awning.

Mimi's Bridal, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
Mimi's Bridal is the neighbor to the Wild Eye Artistry.  The flower baskets compliment the dresses visible in the display windows.
Music One, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
Music One music shop has nice graphic signage resting upon a handsome wood shingled roof.
Norm's News, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
Norm's News is a classic soda fountain and is a favorite for locals and tourists alike.
The Re-fine-ery, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
The fall colored tree cast its shadow on the handsome Clark -Little building which is home to the clothing store, the Re-fine-ery.
Rocky Mountain Outfitters, Oil on Canvas   12"x9" 
Rocky Mountain Outfitters is spotted by the striped green awning and mountain climber clinging to the building's exterior.
Scottibelli's, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
The stone facade of Scottibelli's is set off by a circular, faceted awning bearing the restaurant's name.
The Beacon, Oil on Canvas   11"x14" 
Home to the valley's source for new and events, the beacon is spotted by the bright yellow signage.  The facade was lit nicely on this fall afternoon.
Think Local, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
Think Local is home to many wonderful locally made gifts and crafts.  The bright blue flower pots flank the entrance.

Kalispell Brewing company, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
The Brewing company has its home in one of the modern buildings on Main.  The old exposed brick shows off the old Hendrickson Motors signage.
344 Gallery, Oil on Canvas   11"x14" 
The 344 Gallery is also one of Main's modern structures.  The lively colors trimming the building make it fit right in on this charming stretch of Downtown Kalispell.
Alpine Lighting Center, Oil on Canvas   8"x120" 
The lighting displays on the interior of the Lighting Center sparkled through the storefront glass..
Bestow, Oil on Canvas   10"x8" 
Bestow is a wonderful shop with eclectic and antique home decor.  The black awnings on the second story are particularly charming.
Ceres, Oil on Canvas   8"x6" 
Ceres Bakery is home to lovely baked goods and a great place to grab a morning cup of coffee.
The Toggery: Kalispell, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
The Toggery has been a staple in downtown Whitefish and now brings its upscale and stylish clothing to Kalispell.