Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wild Spring Weather

Spring weather in Northwest Montana is wonderfully unpredictable.  Hail, snow, rain, wind , then calm sunshine can commonly be present in a single afternoon.  During that calm period though, one has to be ready with an easel and brush and can capture some very unique lighting and landscapes.

Spring Infancy, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
Contact: Persimmon Gallery
537 Electric Ave.
Bigfork, MT 59911 
406-837-2288The spring buds are beginning to form on this willow hugging the bank of Ashley Creek.  A country road meanders off into the distance.

Blacktail in Spring, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
During a brief respite of rain and hail, some blue sky peeked through the clouds and lit up the Blacktail Ski Resort in the distance.

Glacier's Gateway, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
crystal clear waters of Lake MacDonald near the entrance of Glacier National Park reflected the variety of grays in the back-lit cloud covered sky.
Ready to Load, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
This semi truck parked near a grain mill in the West Valley is ready to be loaded up..

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