Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Produce Isle

I'm working on a series of paintings inspired by the produce isle at Natural Grocers.  Its been great to get back to painting after a couple of busy weeks.

Pepper Compliments, Oil on Canvas   6"x8" 
I loved the way the brilliant greens and reds of the bell peppers stood in stark contrast to one another.

The Cabbage Section, Oil on Canvas   9"x12" 
The pale green of the cabbage in the center bin  glowed brightly and picked up some reflected color from the coiled blue spray hose beneath.

The Golden Beets, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
The vibrant orange of the golden beets contrasted nicely with the dark crimsons, purples and blues of the red beets.

Stray Peppers, Oil on Canvas   15"x30" 
The latest painting 'Stray Peppers' was inspired by the produce isle at Natural Grocers. I was drawn to the wonderful patterns colors and textures created by the baskets of the various organic fruits and veggies.

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