Sunday, September 14, 2014

Umpqua Plein Air Paint Out

The following images chronicle my journey in at the Umpqua Plein Air Paint Out 2014.  I had a splendid time and met many wonderful people, talented artists, and new friends.  I was on my game and was happy with how I painted during the 4 day event.  The event was top notch and well organized with a great welcome dinner, friendly and helpful volunteers, artist demos, and a great opening reception.  I was blessed to receive honorable mention awards for two of my paintings, 'Surveying the Scene' and 'Up with the Sun'.  I look forward to returning to the Umpqua Valley in the near future to paint with my new artist friends.  The show will be up through October 14th.

River Flight, Oil on Canvas   10"x8"
The North Umpqua River in Douglas County Oregon provides endless possibilities for plein air painting. It is truly breathtaking.  A formation of ducks flew below me and disappeared around the corner as I was painting this scene. 

Surveying the Scene, Oil on Canvas   12"x9"
The midday light shone brightly on this hot late summer day on the North Umpqua.  The rim lighting on the rock formations was too much to resist.
Up With the Sun, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
Doc Baily's / Jones ranch is just outside the town of Roseburg Oregon.  It includes several 19th century barns and wonderful vistas of the surrounding wine country and white oak studded hills.  

This photo was taken at the awards ceremony/ opening reception.  The painting is 'Up with the Sun' which won honorable mention.

Patti and Nutmeg made the journey for the opening reception.  Here is Patti at Deadline Falls on the North Umpqua River.
Good Company, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
This wonderful old barn is nestled in the Umpqua Valley Wine Region.  I painted this on the last day of my trip before heading back to Alturas.  I had some curious onlookers in this horse and a small herd of cows.
Down to the Field, Oil on Canvas   8"x10" 
 This was my day 3 painting that I did not turn in for the competition as i had already reached my limit of 3.  The location is Doc Baily's farm, a sprawling farm just outside Roseburg.
Afternoon Practice, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
 This painting was my entry in to the quick draw event which was located at the park adjacent to the Umpqua Valley Art Building.  A team of soccer players were having practice and I liked the way in which the afternoon light shone of the hillside in the distance.

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