Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rolling In- A Step by Step Progression

Rolling In - Completed Work, Oil on Canvas   20"x16"
  I reworked quite a bit in the final step.  I felt the painting was getting a bit too fussy with the details and I wanted to have expressive brushstrokes in the final product.  I used a palette knife to build some texture on the water highlight and the lightest area of the sky.

Rolling In -Step 4, Oil on Canvas   20"x16"
  I focused a bit on refining the detail on the shore in the foreground and added finishing detail and refinements to the large rock on the left. I added the cables to the bridge.  I chose to keep them loose and suggested so not to be too rigid.  Only small adjustments and details remain to be completed.

Rolling In -Step 3, Oil on Canvas   20"x16"
  I added the cool colored reflective light to the rocks and the bridge at this point.  I spent a fair amount of time refining the water and its reflections.  Additional detail was also added to various areas.  The composition was also looking a bit top heavy, so I added a shoreline at the bottom to balance things out a bit.
Rolling In -Step 2, Oil on Canvas   20"x16"
  The reflections were a bit bright so I toned those down as I added detail to the water. I refined the shapes of the bridge towers and cooled down the warm tones on the rocks.
Rolling In -Step 1, Oil on Canvas   20"x16"
I wanted to show a step by step progression of one of my studio works.  This is about 6 hours in to the painting titled 'Rolling In' which refers to the sunset lit fog as well as the sailboats which I intend to add later.  I should have photographed the initial sketch phase.  More to come in the next few days.
  This is the initial blocking in stage.  I have added a little bit of refinement to the shapes as well.

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