Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cows and Such

Since moving to Alturas, I had been meaning to include cows in a painting or two as they are such a big part of local landscape.  I had to paint quickly as the cows I came across were rather shy and didn't stay still for long.
A Morning Graze, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
  In Surprise Valley the Warner Mountains drop precipitously to create a dramatic silhouette.  It was the perfect backdrop for this small herd of cows.

The Destination, Oil on Canvas   9"x12"
  The terminus of this meandering creek is Blue Lake in the South Warner Wilderness.
Competition For Shade, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
  This group of black cows jockeyed for position in the small patch of shade under this small juniper tree.

In the Shop, Oil on Canvas   8"x10"
  The two wagons rest just outside the Cedarville Garage on Cedarville's Main Street.

The Lights Came On, Oil on Canvas   8"x6"
Crowder Flat Road ascends up to Devil's Garden and you get a nice view of Alturas from the top.  On this night the moon rose just as the sun set.

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