Saturday, August 23, 2014

Torrit Grey

These studio paintings were created using only 3 colors: Ivory Black, Titanium White, and Torrit Grey, which is a limited edition grey color created by Gamblin.  They have an art contest yearly that asks artists to submit paintings using a 3 color palette (black, white, and torrit grey).

In the Velvet, Oil on Canvas   9"x12"
  This Mule Deer Buck has been stopping by our yard  regularly during the warm weather to rest in the shade.  His antlers are still in velvet. His antlers will get their sharp tips by the fall rut, then will fall off in the winter to being the cycle all over again. 

Sea of Snow Geese, Oil on Canvas   9"x12"
  This scene is near Dorris reservoir just outside Alturas California.  In the Spring, Snow Geese invade the fields of the Wildlife Preserve and the surrounding ranch land.
Small Town Reflections, Oil on Canvas   11"x14"
Contact: The Art Center
317 S Main St.  Alturas, CA 96101
(530) 233-2574
  The Modoc County Co-Operative rises behind this classic step-side truck just off Main Street in Alturas California.  On an overcast winter day, the rain ceased for a few moments, but not before creating water puddles which reflected the surrounding scenery.

Here are the black, white, and torrit grey piles of color on my palette.

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