Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pine Creek Collection

Pine Creek Wildlife Area is an open space public area just outside the city limits of Alturas.  It is one of my favorite places to go for a short hike, let my dog run around, and enjoy the natural beauty.  Pine Creek divides the area and runs down from the Pine Creek Reservoir.
Sun Drenched Shore, Oil on Canvas   6"x8"
Contact: The Art Center
317 S Main St.  Alturas, CA 96101
(530) 233-2574
 The last light of the day turned the yellow grass golden on the shores of Pine Creek.

Atop the Bluff, Oil on Canvas   11"x14"
 This studio painting is a view from atop Pine Creek Canyon looking down to Alturas and the surrounding farm and pasture land.

Last Light:Pine Creek, Oil on Canvas   6"x8"
 I captured this scene after the sun dipped below the horizon at Pine Creek.  The sky took on a brilliant orange near the horizon which transitioned to lemon yellow.

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