Monday, June 30, 2014

Napa SF Road Trip

It was nice to return to the bay area and capture  some of the scenes that I had grown so used to seeing.  I enjoyed painting these scenes with a fresh sense of excitement. The Golden Gate Bridge and the Presidio were always some of my favorite subjects to paint in San Francisco as there are some great juxtapositions of natural and man-made subject matter.
Petunias Napa Style, Oil on Canvas 8"x6"
These beautiful crimson Petunias spilling out of a weathered wine barrel were begging to be painted.

Gateway to the Presidio, Oil on Canvas 12"x16"
This view of the Golden Gate Bridge is from picturesque Land's End just west of the Presidio.  The cypress trees mark the edge of one of the top rated public golf courses in the country and is bordered by a footpath with breathtaking views.

Golden, Oil on Canvas 10"x8"
I ended my day of painting in San Francisco on the Marin side of the bridge in Fort Baker.  The sun was beginning to set which made the bridge take on an even richer golden hue.

I am just adding the final touches to the painting, 'Mill in the Oaks'.
Here I am on location beginning work on the painting 'Golden'.  It was a beautiful evening on the bay.

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  1. Your work just keeps getting better and better! Can't wait to see what's next
    Beautiful work!