Saturday, February 15, 2014

Still Life

When the winter and early spring weather was a bit too rough, I like to set up still lives.  In this series I wanted to have clean and simple set ups that wouldn't detract from the beauty of fruits and vegetables.
Peel and Slice   8"x10"
The shiny surfaces of the red onion, avocado pit and the avocado flesh contrast the matte, checkered background.


Pin Wheels   9"x12"
A center slice of lime, orange, and blood orange stand in contrast to one another's color while mimicking the form.

Sprouts, Oil on Canvas   6"x8"
Brussels Sprouts resemble tiny cabbages with their multitude of tiny folds of their numerous interior layers that were a joy and a challenge to render.

Ruby Red   8"x10"
The jewel like center of citrus fruit is a thing of beauty.  

Lemon Yellow   6"x8"
The subtle cool purplish colors of the lemon's flesh were the inspiration for this work.

The Green Stalks   12"x9"
Asparagus spears have wonderful details and lots of warm color variation if you look closely. 

Late Afternoon Nap   10"x8"
My dog Nutmeg posed for this piece on a rainy winter afternoon. 

Tea Time   11"x14"
The various fruits in this display were reflected in this classic copper tea kettle.   

Breakfast is Served   9"x12"
A few copper-brown hard boiled eggs rest in a bone white ramekin which are surrounded by a few other breakfast essentials.   

Winter Ready   14"x11"
I wanted to do a study of patterns and how it is affected by the folds of the drapery and this checked pattern scarf fit the bill.  Its cool colors were complimented nicely by the slate blue boots.

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