Thursday, March 1, 2018

Live Event Wedding Paintings

Last Friday, the 23rd of February, the Grouse Mountain Lodge in Whitefish held the ‘Wedding for Wedding Vendors’ party. It was a well planned event in which all the members of My Montana Wedding attended which was made to feel like a wedding reception.

I took the opportunity to showcase my Live Event Painting services and completed a medium sized oil painting of the event (16”x20”) in a little over three hours. I wanted the other wedding vendors to see me in action so they could recommend my services to their friends and clients with confidence.

My primary goals in painting live events and wedding paintings is to get a good overall feel of the scene, with its energy mood and scale. I do this by not focusing too much on details like facial features but focus on larger shapes like groups of people, rows of banquet tables and prominent architectural details. I focus on creating interesting lighting in my paintings and the lines of action in my figures and people in the scene. I like to interact with interested party goers and provide some entertainment as they see the painting progress and take shape.

I am happy with how this painting turned out and I enjoyed the process from start to finish.

Grouse Mountain Lodge Party 16"x20"

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