Friday, January 26, 2018

Wedding Landscapes

Outdoor weddings are becoming increasingly popular as so many people have a love for the outdoors. This love of the outdoors is something that the vast majority of Montanans have in common with our two iconic National Parks and endless wilderness areas. Many couples have a special connection to a specific place which brings back special memories such as a special weekend trip or engagement. These special places are a great choice to get married at as the couple can share this place with family and friends.

Outdoor weddings lend themselves perfectly to oil paintings. The bride and groom dressed in their best surrounded by a vast dramatic landscape provides the makings of a beautiful oil painting that can capture the moment unlike any other way and will be a timeless memory to adorn you walls for years to come.

I finished up Lake McDonald Wedding this week. It was my demo piece that I worked on at the My Montana Wedding Expo. It needed more detail in the water as well as on the bride and groom and the clouds needed some color modification. I am pleased with the overall effect.

Lake McDonald Wedding, 18"x24"

Diamond B Dance Floor, 16"x20"

Sun Point Wedding, 24"x36"

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